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Meant To Be HARDCOVER by Lauren Jackson

Meant To Be HARDCOVER by Lauren Jackson

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 "You'll break my heart."

"Have you ever thought you might break mine?"


 Josie Mayor fled Fern Grove after a scandal that rocked the town, turning her back on her friends and family. She disappeared with no contact, no forwarding address, and abandoned the only life she knew.

Now, she's back and has to face the life she left behind. When Josie runs into her ex-boyfriend, Nick, and Harley, the boy who stole her heart, she is faced with the pain and heartache of a past she's desperate to forget. Josie must make a choice in doing what's best for her, or risk repeating history once more.


Meant to Be is a new adult, small-town, second chance romance told over two timelines of the past and the present. Perfect for those looking for a steamy romance with a hint of mystery.

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